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Hexnilium was born in Space City (Houston, TX, USA) in 1982. He is directly related to the famous classical composer Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) who wrote the symphonic suite Scheherazade.

He began piano lessons early in life at the age of 4. He was classically trained on piano until almost 1998. Before quitting piano lessons, his musical journey took him to various instruments from clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, drums, acoustic guitar, jazz guitar, bass guitar, and finally the electric guitar.

The final step in his musical journey was when Hexnilium became an improvisational player and composer on the piano. This led him to new harmonic and melodic structures that were a unique style.

The development of his taste for electronic music began in 1995 after the movie Hackers. He fell in love with the rhythmic percussion of The Prodigy and the electronic soundscapes of Orbital.

He was previously influenced by electronically influenced bands like Stabbing Westward, Gravity Kills, White Zombie, and 311, but after discovering an electronic music compilation which enlightened him to BT, The Crystal Method, Überzone, Deepsky, Fluke, Buzz Fiend, Rabbit in the Moon, Electric Skychurch, The Propellerheads, and Joey Jupiter he began to cement electronic music into his foundation for creation.

Eventually after learning more about the computer and how it works, he became interested in generating his own electronic sounds. He first discovered the basics on a simple single-track sound editing program called Goldwave and available software synthesizers. He developed his soundscaping and sound design capabilities using these simple, but mathematical programs.

Later on, he progressed to more advanced editing programs like Impulse Tracker, in which he learned the basics of tracking and drum machine programming. Finally, after discovering Fruity Loops, a program that allowed him to orchestrate his creatively designed sound samples and program his own beats, he unleashed his digital presence under the moniker Hexnilium.

About the same time as this software discovery, he became interested in vintage synthesizers and began to collect a few synths that he could afford. Mastering the art of creating unique synthesizer sounds and the methods of analog waveform synthesis among other techniques occurred during this period of discovery.

After a short professional training stint at the Audio Engin-EAR-ing Institute and subsequent internships turned paid audio engineering gigs, Hexnilium continued his efforts as an artist, musician, and now audio engineer.

While audio engineering at the Grammy award-winning Studio M and then becoming the chief audio engineer at Motion Sonic Recording Studios, both located in San Antonio, he became an experienced recording artist. The various different styles of music and the many different albums that were published through various record labels that he worked on gave him tons of recording experience. He began to apply all this new knowledge to his own musical escapades under the alias Hexnilium.

He also simultaneously began to DJ at clubs and small to large venues across the state of Texas through Mixology Music Entertainment. This perfected his live performance abilities and after attending the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL in 2003, the program Ableton Live became a steadfast tool for his Live PA performances on another tour that year also in Texas.

He has currently retired temporarily from the music business to finish college.
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